Monday, 30 July 2018


Injuries to oil and gas field service staff occur at double the speed as for general business staff and, of this cluster. The oil and gas drilling employees are exposed to even larger dangers because of the character of this kind of labour. It is vital for drilling operators, within the absence of strict pointers, to confirm that drilling activities are conducted in a safe manner. A sound safety program helps guard against drilling accidents that might cause environmental harm furthermore as injure staff. An honest safety program conjointly has the other advantages of lower insurance rates, lower maintenance prices, fewer worker edges claims, less lost production or productivity, and fewer legal fees and settlements. A number of the foremost common accidents related to drilling need to do with operating the slips, tongs, cat-lines, and elevators that area unit wont to handle the drill pipe, and alternative significant drilling instrumentation. Slippery rig floors and cable breaks conjointly contribute to accidents. Injuries are common either from falling or being hit by swinging objects. Most accidents includes harmful events like blowouts or the collapse of the derrick or mast. Worker coaching programs area unit a vital part of accident interference. Accidents are also reduced once the staff is trained properly, well orientated, impelled and preserved to become career oil field workers. Coaching of workers ought to embody data regarding basic principles of a well drilling operation:
  1. The safe work operations and hazards related to the task.
  2. Purpose and operation of drilling instrumentation,
  3. Sulphide detection and safety instrumentation furthermore as emergency procedures
  4. Fireplace protection and management,
  5. Emergency escape procedures for workers functioning on the derrick mast or in confined areas
  6. Data regarding personal protecting instrumentation. Workers clothing ought to be fitted (not loose) and embody long sleeves and pant legs.
It's conjointly wise that staff not wear jewellery, that hair be short or tied-back, and safety shoes, hard hats, goggles, face shields for fastening, safety glasses and/or hearing protection be worn as per requirement. Worker protection against falls conjointly wants attention. Measures like safety belts, lifelines and lanyards of appropriate strength, safety nets for work areas over 25' off the bottom and ladders in situ of "riding" mounting devices ought to be put in to safeguard employees within the event of a fall.
Precautionary measures for the work would come with correct lighting for performing at night, and therefore the prohibition of flame heaters in doghouses or outbuildings. Drill sites have to be compelled to have no-smoking space designations and fireplace and explosion protection instrumentation. Fire fighting instrumentation must get on hand. Responsibilities of individual staff in such an incident area unit to be announce within the doghouse. Additionally, the native department of local government should be referred to as within the event of a blowout. It's conjointly suggested that operators build regular operational tests of blowout preventers associated conduct coaching so as to be ready within the case of an accident. Mere blowout preventers area unit needed, they ought to be motivated and tested with rig air or another approved methodology before drilling out the shoe of the surface casing. Oil and gas courses in kerala .

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